It's Time To Face The Mirror...And Heal.

At The Fearless Experience

We Empower Leaders To Break The Barriers That Fear & Trauma Created.

We Do This By Helping Leaders


We help leaders identify the areas where they have branded the wound, and identify the gaps keeping them from being in alignment with their assignment. 


We provide leaders with the tools, resources, and support to acknowledge their truth, and identify their purpose possibilities. 


Our leaders are never alone. We provide a community of support to continue to help them heal, grow their faith and produce in their breakthrough. 

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Here's What Our Fearless Leaders Have To Say.

"At first I was hesitant to begin the writing process. It wasn't until I began writing that I realized I carried so much shame and embarrassment in the beginning journey of my career. This process allowed me to turn my shame into purpose and now I coach other leaders on how to do the same"

Rhonda Glover

Former FBI Agent

"Writing to Heal came at the right time for me. It made me get to the root of my trauma and deal with it. As grown as I was, there was a little girl in me that still needed to grow up. The more I wrote, the more she grew. I came in this process broken and left healed."

Tamika "TJ" Woodard

Military Sercive Member

"I sat in a room and watched a group of strong women say "I wasn't ok, but this is how I made it to the other side" and I wanted some of that. When I first joined Writing To Heal I was spiraling. I was drowning in a room full of people, and they had no idea. In this process I realized I didn't need the cape. My relationship with God grew and now I'm in the posture to hear Him. This process was hard, but it's freeing." 

Tyecia Powell

Edu. Consultant & Pilates Instructor

"This ministry completely changed my life. Fear had fulfilled a residency in my life, and this process served the eviction notice. It helped me uncover trauma that I didn't know I had, and I had to deal with it...and heal" 

Shalon Barnett

Entrepreneur & Pharmacy Owner

Meet Our Founder

Tiana Patrice


Tiana Patrice is on a mission to help high-performing leaders get to the root of their unhealed wounds, heal, and produce from their wholeness. As the founder of The Fearless Experience, Tiana works with men and women all over the world, helping them dismantle the spirit of fear, and walk boldly into the assignment, and call that God has for their lives. Her movement has been spotlighted in The Huffington Post, Forbes Women, ABC, and more. To date, she and her team have set leaders ablaze in more than 20 states and 3 countries, and this is just the beginning.  Tiana believes it's not just enough to do life unafraid, you must also do it whole. This is why The Fearless Experience exists. We help leaders heal...not tomorrow., but today. 


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